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There are certainly many reasons why SamTech should be your choice for providing the best in professional security services.


From intercom systems, CCTV systems, home security systems to any kind of Lighting system and more, we have established a firm reputation for providing prompt, professional and effective services to fulfill your security needs whether you run a skyscraper or just have a small home that needs effective protection.


We have been providing services to businesses and households since 2013, and we serve the greater Matara City area & all over the country.


  Don’t take the risk of installing security system yourself. Call in professional installation experts and have us advise you on the best system for your needs – safely, securely and with care, ensuring it is fully working and taking care of you, your family and your property.


  Our focus is to take care of the security needs of the businesses and residents by using the best in security system measures. Our services are backed by professional, experienced security technicians who never stop in their quest to provide the best in security services.


  At SamTech Systems, we are the professionals that offer you peace of mind by providing the best in security service that offers complete protection for your home or business.


What SamTech Systems Offers You

We take pride in providing the best in security systems designed for the home, office or facility that provides the best for your security needs.

License & Bonded:

This means that we follow all the laws, rules and regulations to provide for you the best in security services. This is what we provide to you that brings peace of mind when installing a new security system.

Free Estimate:

We provide a free estimate of our services so that you know upfront exactly what you will need to budget to provide effective security for your home or business. We want you to have all the information so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Total Approach:

SamTech Systems offers more than just alarms. We provide a complete security system for your home or business. This means identifying potential weaknesses, installing new locks and ensuring that all avenues of intrusion are covered.

Advanced Security Systems:

We use the latest in reliable, technically advanced access control systems that are designed to protect your property.This means intercom systems that are versatile, CCTV systems that provide clear images and home alarm systems that work promptly when activated.